Nursing Services

  • RN assessment of condition, care planning, and intervention
  • Patient education on disease process and treatment regime
  • Wound care of all types with a specialization in wound vac
    (Note: Referral to other ancillary services necessary for patient rehabilitation.)
  • IV Therapy
    • Hydration
    • IVPB
    • IV Push Lasix/sub-medrol
  • Central line care
    • Port-a-cath
    • Passport cath
  • PICC line care and removal
  • Catheter insertion and care
    • Foley catheter
    • In and Out
    • Supra pubic care and change for not permanent
  • IVIG infusion (4 hours)
  • Enteral and parenteral feedings
  • Ostomy/enterostomal care: appliance information and education, support group education, and patient and caregiver education